Curry on a rainy day

The university is auditing rooms around campus for the rest of the year. I could been an auditor again but declined this time around to focus on my thesis. I’d love the extra money, but if I am to stay on track for a mid-February submission I can’t afford to take on any new distractions. Re: the audits, we have been warned if they reveal low occupancy of our offices, the rooms could be reassigned for other purposes, i.e. we’d lose them. So, I’ve been going in every day this week despite the horrible weather (usually if it’s been rainy/stormy I’ve stayed home), which means I’ve had to go to bed really early each night because on uni days I get up at 4:30am so I can exercise before getting ready to go to uni.

Speaking of new distractions, I bought The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory yesterday. I absolutely looove The Other Boleyn Girl, which is on my regular reread list; I don’t think The Constant Princess is as good as The Other Boleyn Girl, but I am enjoying it. Apparently there will be another historical novel called The Boleyn Inheritance released in hardback on the 23rd of August here in Australia. As I am fascinated by Henry VIII and his wives I will definitely have to buy it! Jac read The Other Boleyn Girl and was completely underwhelmed. “It’s just like a soap opera,” she complained. I was like (all enthusiastic) “Yeeeeeaaaah, and with that intriguing 16th century setting with beheadings!”

Lunch today was chicken curry and rice. I had a regular combo (noodles + fried rice + 2 meat or veg dishes) – but I asked for steamed rice instead of the noodles and fried rice, and instead of 2 meat or veg dishes I got double chicken curry. It was goooood. I don’t know why, but cold, overcast, rainy days are perfect for eating curry. And even better: eating curry on a cold, overcast, rainy day while reading a good book (see book in photo).

Chicken curry and rice and a good book

In other news, yesterday, Jac was really excited to find out that there will be a Dixie Chicks concert in Perth (at the Burswood Dome) in October. She said if it’s not too ridiculously expensive (ticket price hasn’t been announced yet), she’d love to go. Me, I’m a Dixie Chicks fan too but I’m completely indifferent to concerts. Of course, if she wants to go, I’ll go with her :). I told her if we don’t end up going we can buy their live DVDs and play them loud in the lounge with the lights off. Heheh. So, have any of you bought concert tickets from Ticketek recently? Any tips or tricks? So far what I’ve learned from my research is: if you go to buy at a Ticketek outlet in person you should go to an obscure (as opposed to popular) outlet to maximise your chances of being first in line. If you buy online, you can’t choose your seats, but if you get through early the seats shouldn’t be too crappy. Log onto the site around 5 minutes or so before the tickets officially go on sale. There’s a time limit of 10 minutes or something for you to pay for your tickets, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Some people find it useful to try buying online at the same time as trying to buy on the phone – whichever gets through first. What I’ve been wondering is, if they say the tickets go on sale from 9am, is that 9am EST or WST for us here in WA?

I’ve also noticed a number of places which offer presale tickets such as and Anyone used them before?

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