Margaritas and HJ’s Breakfast (not together! hahaha)

Oh, I forgot to mention that between the wedding and the reception we went back to Sascha and Dave’s place, located at very convenient close proximity to the church. Last week we scored a big bag of lemons from some friends and Jac decided it would be a good idea to have margaritas between wedding and reception. Yesterday morning I squeezed a litre or so of lemon juice while Jac packed up the Cointreau, tequila and cocktail shaker in our trusty Woolies blue cooler bag. The bottle with the pink label next to the square Cointreau bottle in this photo is an old lemon, lime and bitters bottle filled with lemon juice.

Ready to make margaritas

The margaritas were made blended with crushed ice – like margarita squishies. We salted the rims of the glasses too. I drank maybe a centimetre’s worth.

Frozen margaritas

We also enjoyed nibblies of pate, tzatziki dip and turkish bread, along with mini toasts with cheese (no photo of that, sorry).

Pate, tzatziki dip and turkish bread

At the reception, our table got through quite a few jugs of beer. Here’s one of Jac’s beers. I stuck to Diet Coke and water. Jac didn’t party too hard because she had a hockey match this arvo, but she enjoyed herself. We crashed for the night at Sascha and Dave’s.


On our way home this morning we picked up some breakfast from Hungry Jack’s. I had an Aussie Breaky.

Aussie Breaky 1

I couldn’t decide which photo I preferred, so here’s the Aussie Breaky from a slightly different angle:

Aussie Breaky 2

Jac had a Breaky Wrap (which I didn’t take a photo of). We were starving and also split a serve of Pancakes. I have no idea why we were so hungry this morning (I mean, you saw how much I ate at the reception!).

Hungry Jack's Pancakes

We hadn’t eaten the Hungry Jack’s Pancakes before (their equivalent of McDonald’s Hotcakes obviously). They came with sachets of whipped butter and maple flavoured syrup. I was amazed at how thick and fluffy the pancakes were. See:

Thick and fluffy HJ's pancakes

I don’t know why I like this photo, but I do. Maybe someone could read my fortune from it.

Hungry Jack's Aussie Breaky: four bites left

Bloody hell. It’s well and truly time to get my stuff organised for going to uni tomorrow. I don’t know where the day went.

EDIT: That was 8 posts in one sitting. That’s where the day went.

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