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Yesterday morning I went to the dentist to get those two fillings done. One of them was on one of my molars, right at the back of my mouth. The dentist had a hard time working in that tight spot and accidentally grazed the inside of my cheek with one of his tools (the dental nurse called it a “friction burn”). It doesn’t actually hurt much – I’ve done much worse biting myself while eating – I’m not fussed about the minor injury at all. The dentist and nurse kept apologizing, but to be honest, I didn’t feel it at the time because the right side of my face was numb from the anaesthetic. The good thing is the dentist said I won’t need to come in for a check-up for another 12 months. So, unless anything unexpected happens, I can’t forget about the dentist for another year. Thank goodness!

In the afternoon, I went with Jac to her hockey match. I haven’t been to watch Jac play hockey for years. When we started going out, I’d go every weekend and watch her play, but I found it boring and frustrating to watch. Eventually I just stopped going. She really doesn’t mind that I don’t like watching her matches – we have an understanding that hockey is an important part of her life and I don’t stop her from enjoying it. Even when we were much poorer we always made sure we had the money to pay her hockey club membership fees. In a similar way, we both understand that my computer and internet connection are an important part of my life, and while Jac has no interest in that whatsoever, we always make sure my computer’s working and the internet bill is paid for.

The reason why I went to hockey yesterday was because Jac was planning to go to her cousin’s 40th birthday party immediately after the match. We were both invited to the party, and as Jac wouldn’t have time to come back home to pick me up after the match, I went along so we could go to the party together afterwards.

When we got to the hockey stadium, I was really hungry, having not eaten since 7 o’clock in the morning. Obviously, I’d had to wait for the anaesthetic to wear off before I could eat anything, and so I hadn’t eaten any lunch. My stomach went crazy when we arrived at the stadium and the smell of deep frying hit me. They have a little room at the top of the stadium where you can sit and relax, have a drink at the bar, watch sports on the television and order a bite to eat. It is funny though, that the food they sell at the hockey stadium is all really unhealthy and mostly deep-fried – hot chips, crumbed sausages, chiko rolls, corn jacks, pies, seasoned potato wedges etc etc. Since it was at least three and a half hours since the fillings and I could feel my mouth again I just had to grab something to eat – I happily munched on a hot sausage roll with tomato sauce as I watched the match.

Jac’s team lost – the other team scored the only goal of the match in the last 40 seconds, would you believe! Jac’s team’s goalie did some spectacular saves during the match – she was unbelievable – it was lucky that only one goal managed to get through.

After the match, Jac had a shower in the change rooms at the hockey stadium. The shower rooms smelled horrible – not sweaty like I thought they would, but like cat pee. Is it possible that the build-up of stale sweat smells like cat pee? Or was I smelling something else? Cat pee stinks, but I reckon the worst odour associated with hockey is the smell of sweaty shin pads. Anyone else had the pleasure of smelling that? Pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew, stinky!

I didn’t take any photos at the party – I wasn’t in the mood to have to explain what I was doing to Jac’s extended family. I ate three chicken sushi, a couple of pieces of thai-flavoured sausage dipped in ketchup, lots of carrot sticks, a water cracker with a piece of camembert, a small toasted ham, cheese and pineapple sandwich and a freshly baked savoury bacon mini muffin which had been cut in half and spread with a smear of butter. This may sound like a lot of food, but by the time we were on our way home at 7:30pm I was hungry again. We decided to stop by Spencer Village and pick up some takeaway dinner.

I chose char siu wantan mee for my dinner. Of course when we got home I transferred it from the takeaway container into a bowl (I think I’ve said before I don’t enjoy meals as much when I eat them out of takeaway containers – plus it’s hard to get out every bit of sauce from the edges and corners).

Char siu wantan mee dry style takeaway

Char siu wantan mee dry style takeaway in a bowl

We’re taking Jac’s mum to The Witch’s Cauldronin Subiaco for her birthday tonight, so hopefully I’ll be able to take some really good pictures. We love The Witch’s Cauldron. My favourite dish there (which I plan to have tonight) is their signature dish – garlic prawns. The last time I had them was last year for my birthday. I posted those pictures at my site then, which was pre-The Food Pornographer. I thought those of you who haven’t seen these photos might enjoy them:

Photos from tfp’s birthday, 2005.
The Witch’s Cauldron’s signature dish is just amazing – the most garlicky garlic prawns ever. We both ordered an entree serve of garlic prawns for our starter. I’d eaten this dish only once previously, and this time round it was just as good as I remembered. They came out sizzling in their dishes, with that wonderful smell of garlic. Those prawns were juicy and bursty- just how prawns should be. I meant to count how many prawns were in the dish, but I completely forgot as soon as I started eating. Just look at all that garlic! I was in heaven. We soaked up the garlicky oil with chunks of french bread. Mate, I really wanted to eat every bit of garlic in that dish… If you live or ever visit Perth, you really should try these garlic prawns.

Garlic Prawns - The Witch's Cauldron

Jac’s main course: mushroom salad, which was made up of port-glazed mushrooms of all kinds and salad with a balsamic dressing.

Mushroom Salad - The Witch's Cauldron

My main course: catch of the day. Red emperor, panfried in a lemon butter sauce and served with chips. That fish was perfectly cooked, so moist and tender. They definitely know how to cook seafood at that restaurant.

Catch of the day - The Witch's Cauldron

I’m SOOOOOOOOO looking forward to dinner tonight!

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