Another Friday Night

Last night’s dinner was takeaway from Spencer Village, YAY!

I’d already given Jac my requests in the morning. I asked for two things, from our favourite stall which is called Fook Kee. First, yong tau foo. Here it is, in its silver takeaway container, before I added extra hoisin sauce:

Yong tau foo in takeaway container

As usual, I had to transfer my food onto a plate or bowl before eating. And so here is my delicious pile of goodies, sauced up and on a plate. The greenish thing at the back is a stuffed piece of green capsicum, and the black thing is stuffed eggplant, which is my favourite next to the foo chook (fried bean curd skin, which is sort of visible in the middle in between the pillowy square tofu and the half fish ball). Jac also bought herself a serve of yong tau foo.

Yong tau foo on a plate

Jac’s favourite item from Fook Kee is siew mai (steamed pork dumplings). It comes with hoisin sauce and chilli sauce. They are REALLY porky. I had a couple too.

Steamed pork dumplings

I also asked for a loh mai kai (glutinous chicken rice). Here’s my loh mai kai on a plate. It was just as good as ever, saucy and sweet yet savoury, with pieces of pork and really tender chicken.

Glutinous chicken rice

Yes, yes, I have posted about these dishes multiple times before, but they are just so goooood. More coming up – but I’m juggling cooking rice for dinner and starting on the horrendously (perhaps embarrassingly*) large pile of dishes in the kitchen – so there might be a slight delay to the next post.

*Jac would be embarrassed. Me, I’m like, bleh.

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