Dad’s birthday lunch – the sweet

Ange made the birthday cake for Dad using a special fruit cake recipe designed for diabetics. Dad wasn’t into the whole candles on birthday cake thing, but we did sing Happy Birthday.

Diabetic fruit cake

Mum brought along some cupcakes for those who might not like the diabetic fruit cake (but I think people who ate cupcakes also ate diabetic fruit cake!). There were a few choccies in with the cupcakes too – a few Guylian, Ferrero Rocher and Raffaelo.


Here’s a cross-section view of the fruit cake. It was delicious, moist and still warm – Ange had baked it this morning and brought it to the restaurant wrapped in a tea towel. The Eureka Chinese Restaurant have no problem with people bringing their own birthday cakes. The table next to us was also celebrating a birthday, and their cake looked like a pandan one with butter icing.

Diabetic fruit cake, cross-section

Family and friends can see the people photos in Flickr too (make sure you are logged in, or only the food ones will be visible).

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