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Remember I said I had some cool news? Well, here it is (I think it’s pretty cool anyway!).

From time to time, I will now be writing for EatingWA, a Perth restaurant review site. I must confess I wasn’t actually aware of EatingWA (too busy eating, maybe!) until its managing director emailed me recently and invited me to write for the site.

What I like most about EatingWA is that you can read reviews of Perth restaurants and cafes which have been submitted by Perth people who have actually eaten at those places (not paid or professional restaurant critics/reviewers), and what’s even better, you can sign up as a member (for free) and submit your own reviews. (By the way, I wasn’t asked or told to say that by anyone, I do honestly think it’s great that people can share their raves about their fantastic dining experiences, as well as their bitchings about the bad ones.)

I don’t plan to change my writing style when I write for EatingWA, and the “articles” will most definitely feature the usual food porny photos.

Anyhooooo, my latest article, “We Love Burgers for Breakfast” is up, and is exclusive to EatingWA i.e. it won’t be posted here at So do check it out! Feel free to let me know what you think!

Chicken and Bacon Burger: Click to read the article at EatingWA  Beef Burger: Click to read the article at EatingWA

Pretty busy at the moment juggling office refurbishments at uni, the usual thesis stuff and something else I cannot tell you about for now. All will be revealed in time, hopefully.

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