Don’t worry!

Thank you everyone, for your recent comments and emails! I want to reassure you that The Food Pornographer remains my baby, my priority and will always come first. I love this site and my relationship with you guys and have no intention of diminishing either in any way. As I said, I will be writing for EatingWA from time to time – this will be in addition to, not a replacement of, my posts here at The Food Pornographer. I will sometimes write exclusive articles for EatingWA that won’t actually be posted here, but I will announce them here so you’ll know to check them out at EatingWA. In other cases, the articles at EatingWA will be duplicated from posts from this site. Either way you will not miss out on any porny food as I will keep you well informed. Oh, and family feasts and Jac’s home-cooked creations will always be posted here, as EatingWA is focused on dining out.

As you already know, I am pretty busy with the thesis and general life stuff and don’t get to update here as often as I would like to. If I get more free time, I will post more often at TFP. Articles for EatingWA will only be written as time permits after my TFP posts. I’ve already warned EatingWA that I won’t write anything for them when I have particularly horrendous weeks (as this one has been).

I have something very important to work on this weekend (in fact, I’m working on it right now), but I will try to post this week’s food as soon as I can. Yes, this week’s food will be posted HERE!

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