The week’s food

It’s been a horrendous week. Too much stuff to do, not enough time to do it in. I won’t bore you with the details.

Jac made a delicious saucy stir-fry at the beginning of the week. She marinated the beef in corn flour and chinese rice wine. She stir-fried it with red capsicum, mushrooms and cabbage, flavouring with oyster sauce, mushroom soy sauce and sesame oil but no onion or garlic. The noodles came from an asian supermarket, they are Japanese mushroom noodles. The beef was soooooooooo tender. I was amazed at how tasty the dish was without any onion or garlic. I’ve told Jac this was a “please cook it again” dish. I hope she remembers what she did next time (yep, another no recipe dish).

Beef and mushroom noodle stir-fry

I was bad during the week and had Chicken Treat for lunch after going to the shops to check my PO Box. I noticed that they have “leg” or “wing” indicators on the boxes now, which is a fantastic advancement in takeaway chicken box technology. Hah.

Chicken Treat Quarter Chicken and Chips

Another meal this week was chicken chipolatas (from Woolworth’s), with garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables (carrots, green beans and corn). The chipolatas were so tasty they didn’t need any sauce. I could’ve eaten a plate piled high with just chipolatas and nothing else. I did enjoy the vegetables though. The corn was especially good (I looooooove corn on the cob) but I ate the OMG BEST CORN EVER on Saturday (post coming up soon).

Chicken chipolatas, mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables

I was even more bad during the week because I requested Hungry Jack’s for dinner, which Jac picked up on her way home from the shops on Thursday night. Jac got a caesar salad from Pure and Natural as well, which was very nice but noticeably light on the dressing. Even the bacon seemed remarkably unfatty! I still think Dome’s caesar has been the best in recent times.

Caesar salad from Pure and Natural

Back to the HJ’s. I had a craving for Onion Rings. They were really gooooood.

Hungry Jack's Onion Rings

The fries were pretty sad and floppy. It’s a shame that the Onion Rings were great but the fries were so, so soooo crappy.

Hungry Jack's Fries

I had a Western Whopper, which is available only for a limited time. It’s just like a Whopper, but has bacon and barbecue sauce. It would be great if this became the Whopper because bacon is magic and makes a yummy burger even yummier!

Hungry Jack's Western Whopper

At the end of the week Jac made salmon fishcakes using the recipe from Nigella Bites by Nigella Lawson (get the recipe here). Jac added peas (of course!) and made her fishcakes a lot smaller than Nigella makes hers. We didn’t have matzo meal, so Jac used wholemeal flour. She served the salmon fishcakes with homemade potato salad and steamed brussels sprouts with a knob of butter on top. I added a squeeze of tomato ketchup. The fishcakes were tastiest fresh out of the fry pan, lovely and crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. Microwaved the next day, they tend to be soggy, though they still taste really good (yes, I know I could heat them up in the oven but I’m too lazy!).

Salmon fishcakes, brussels sprouts, potato salad and ketchup

We went to the Perth Royal Show on Saturday. I took lots of photos and hope to upload and post them soon.

EDIT: Oh, and I have a few emails to reply, so if you sent me one recently I hope you can be patient. :)

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