Juji and Mark’s birthday lunch – the sweet

Juji’s special request was for Mum’s baked cheese cake (I’ve posted the recipe before, see this post).

Two birthdays, two cheese cakes. Tummies: *grrrrroan* Juji did a great job decorating them, didn’t she?

Two cheese cakes

Juji took this close-up of the strawberries and gold kiwi fruit on the top of one of the cheese cakes. I don’t think I’d eaten gold kiwi fruit before. Its flavour was like a slightly bland version of papaya. It was quite nice on the cheese cake, going very well with the tangy strawberries.


Auntie Jane made a trifle too. It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve eaten trifle. As you can see in this photo, the bottom layer was sponge, followed by custard, then jelly with strawberries in it, then a thick, THICK layer of cream, and on the top of the cream, more strawberries. I tried some of Jac’s portion, fully intending to not have any more than that, but it was so good I had to eat a serve myself. That custard and jelly really hit the spot. Trifle is one of Jac’s favourite desserts of all time, and she had two helpings. Just like the laksa and shepherd’s pie, most people had some cheese cake and some trifle. I guess my family doesn’t do things by halves, they do things by doubles.


Cheese cake and trifle

Juji and I stuck the candles into the cakes:


Awwwww, purdy! The H and Y in HAPPY don’t look quite so happy though.


Both cheese cakes were demolished by everyone. I think there may have been a fifth of one left over, but that was all. Mum gave Jac some trifle to take home, and Jac was pretty chuffed about that. As I write this, she’s just polished the last of it off.

A slice of cheese cake

There are additional cake and trifle photos available on Flickr, and friends and family can see the people photos too.

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