Me like meatballs

I’m still working on getting that lamb meatballs recipe for those of you who expressed an interest (and I also really want it for ME!). This post also features lamb meatballs, but this is one of Jac’s no recipe creations. I did ask her for the recipe but she was very vague. But as you can see, she did sneak carrot into them!

Meatballs, ready for frying

She also made up a tomato sauce, using the old tomatoes we had in the fridge, as well as capsicum and onion. I ate meatballs with the sauce and rice and it was delicious.

Lamb meatballs with tomato and capsicum sauce

I’d like to take this opportunity to say that if I have the recipe for any dish or meal featured here, I will certainly post it. If I don’t post the recipe, please assume that there isn’t one. As this is something I am constantly asked about, I’ve now added it to the FAQ page.

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