Resisting the song of the deepfried siren

I’ve tried my best to be a good hockey wife lately. Last weekend I watched Jac play in her hockey match. On Tuesday this week I went with Jac to watch her hockey club’s top men’s team play for a chance to be promoted to the Classic League. The match was at 7:15 at Perth Hockey Stadium. Jac made us fish burgers for dinner before we left for the match.

The fish filets were nile perch (or, if we are to believe A Current Affair, probably vietnamese catfish – hah). Jac flavoured them with Alseason, which we’ve used before to flavour ovenbaked potato wedges (see this post) and panfried them. Here’s my cooked piece of fish, sitting on its bun.

Nile perch filet

Our fish burgers were very simple: fish, bun, tartare sauce and lettuce. The fish was gorgeously browned on the outside, and the flesh itself was lovely and moist – Jac had cooked it to perfection. Pixel stalked our plates as usual, with her tail up and her little nose sniffing the air as we ate. After dinner, I bundled myself up in three layers of tops (jacket, t-shirt, skivvy) and wrapped my scarf around my neck, ready to brave the cold.

Fish burger

The three layers of tops did their job. I didn’t freeze too much while I was there. But the whole time we were at the stadium watching the match, I was tortured by the enticing smells of hot chips and other deepfried delights being eaten around me. People were sitting or standing near us tucking into fresh, hot chips and it smelled soooooooo good. People eating sausage rolls were torturous to my senses too: that crunch of pastry breaking when someone bit into their sausage roll, and that release of hot fragrant sausage roll steam. Ohhhhhhhhhh. My stomach and brain completely forgot I’d just consumed a big fish burger and kept telling me I wanted something deepfried, something like hot chips. The voice in my head didn’t stop the whole time: THOSE HOT CHIPS SMELL SO GOOD! HOT CHIPS, HOT CHIPS, HOT CHIPS, HOT CHIPS, HOT CHIPS WOULD BE SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD (something like that). But I am pleased to say I somehow managed to resist the urge. That was the only satisfying victory of the night, I’m afraid. Jac’s club lost their match. But they have three more matches to play against three other teams; the team that does the best over the four matches will be promoted. Hopefully they’ll do better in the other matches.

I have more to post, but I have to take a break and get on the aerofit ie. do some exercise. I’ll be back posting again in a little over an hour.

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