Dumplings and patties are porky cousins

In all my excitement writing about the weekend, I forgot this!

Last week, Jac wanted to try out a recipe for Combination Dim Sims from her Family Circle Favourite Asian Recipes book, but I really didn’t feel like more dumplings. She laughed at my anti-dumpling sentiments and used the recipe to make pork patties instead. She served the pork patties with fried cabbage and egg and rice (oh, and a little dish of tomato sauce).

Pork patties, fried cabbage and egg with rice

Jac based her patties on the dim sims filling, but changed things as she went along. Sorry, I haven’t been able to get the details of what exactly she did – I do know that she sneaked in a little seafood extender, which I don’t like – I did notice it when eating the patties, but as the patties tasted really good I ignored the presence of the seafood extender, which had negligible effect on flavour and texture. We didn’t have any bamboo shoots, but she included tinned water chestnuts, which gave the patties an really pleasurable crunch. She obviously skipped all the wrapping and steaming stages as her pork patties were panfried. Panfried, porky meaty patties. Yum!

The recipe was from Family Circle Favourite Asian Recipes, published by Murdoch Books, Sydney, 1997, p.31.

The cabbage and egg are just fried in the wok with onion, garlic (lots of), oyster sauce and a little soy sauce – our standard no-recipe. This time round we had some leftover barbecue chook, and Jac threw that into the wok too, so the cabbage and egg was a little chickeny too, and very tasty.

I think dinner tonight is some sort of chicken and vegetable stir-fry. I’m starving.

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