Daylight Saving XP Fix

Well, it was finally announced this afternoon: Western Australia will be starting a trial of daylight saving from the 3rd of December. You can download a free (free registration required) fix for Windows XP which will automatically shift your PC clock as necessary while maintaining your pc’s Windows time synchronisation. Get further information about the fix and download it here from PCGURU.

Jac is extremely pleased that we’ll be having daylight saving – she hopes this means she can squeeze in more gardening when she gets home after work. I’m indifferent, like meh, whatever.

And in other news, Kim Beazley congratulated Billy Thorpe on his retirement today. Heheh, just being cheeky.

EDIT: for those who haven’t installed the PCGURU fix yet, an official Microsoft patch has been just released, which you can get here.

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