What do you mean, fish have balls?

I had my follow-up visit with the dermo this morning. Good news – I don’t have to see him again unless I get a bad flare-up, but he thinks as long as I keep moisturising like crazy and stay away from detergents, soaps, ordinary shampoo and conditioner (I have been using soap-free/perfume-free shower wash, shampoo and conditioner) and common household chemicals I should be fine. I don’t have to use the cortisone cream any more, unless I get any little bad patches. My hands look pretty normal again, which is wonderful – I don’t feel like people are staring at them on the train any more. So there you go.

After the dermo, I had a spot of brunch: fish ball kway teow soup.

There was just a hint of sesame oil, presumably drizzled over the soup just before serving. There were six fish balls and many many slices of fish cake – yum. The broth was delicious, very light. The bok choy was really good too. The kway teow was a little strange though – it felt much too thick (I’m referring to the thickness, rather than width). I’ve had this dish before from this place and I guess they just happened to use thick kway teow today and it wasn’t to my liking. Anyway, I finished all the soup, vegies, fish balls and fish cake, which I enjoyed, and left about half the noodles behind.

Fish ball kway teow soup

The fish ball kway teow soup came with a little dish of cut chilli in soy sauce. I tried a slice of chilli, decided to skip the rest and instead poured the soy sauce over the top of my soup/noodles. This added a little saltiness and a tiny bit of heat without the intensity from eating the actual chilli.

Chilli in soy sauce

As I sat there eating my noodles I looked around me and could see people eating battered fried chicken wings, battered syrupy, sticky honey chicken, McDonald’s large fries and McNuggets, about three different varieties of pizza, Chicken Treat Quarter Chicken and Chips, and so many other things that looked so good. You know, I really wanted to eat something fried or in a burger bun. I did enjoy my noodle soup but it was a conscious decision I made to have that rather than what I really felt like. Why are all the bad things so tasty? :-(

I’ll have to work at home tomorrow because the bore repair man is coming to take a look at our bore (well yes, obviously!), which isn’t working properly at present. We really need to get it working before we head off on holidays so that our lovely housesitters won’t have to hand-water Jac’s vegetables and herbs. They are doing us a favour looking after our home and furry babies, and we’d like to make things as easy as possible for them.

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