Savannah’s 8th birthday – Part 3 (Cakes)

I forgot to tell you about Savannah’s party birthday cake. It was made by her other grandmother (not the one who made the crunchy noodle salad), who is a very talented cake maker/decorator. I should’ve taken a photo of the complete assembly of fairies (there must’ve been ten or so fairies, arranged in a ring around the head poobar fairy on the higher platform in the centre – each party guest got one to take home), but I didn’t, as I wasn’t actually planning to take any photos at all. Yeah, sometimes I just don’t feel like being the food pornographer. I suppose once the salads were tossed and I smelled that barbecue cooking I realised I did want to take photos after all. But because I hadn’t photographed the fairy cake before the girls took the fairies home, this is what was left at the end of the day.

Fairy birthday cake

Each fairy was completely edible apart from her wings and tiara. Underneath the fairy and the Smarties is madeira cake.


After dinner, Kelsie surprised Savannah with another birthday cake – well, birthday cupcakes, actually!

Birthday cupcakes

We lit the candles and sang happy birthday.

Birthday cupcakes, candles lit

I’ve never seen edible glitter cake decorations before. From the number of cupcakes Savannah and her little brother Max ate, edible glitter must taste pretty good.

Cupcakes close-up

Cupcake close-up

EDIT: Family and friends can see more photos (including people) at my Flickr site. Remember, you have to be logged in to see all the photos.

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