Another chinese home delivery dinner

We didn’t feel like cooking on Monday evening. As our usual chinese home delivery place is closed on Mondays we ordered from our backup chinese home delivery place, which is open 7 days. We are such creatures of habit – no surprises in this order. First, special fried rice:

Special fried rice

Yeah yeah, I know – how many pictures of special fried rice can I post? Probably as many as photos of mongolian lamb…

Mongolian lamb

…and variations of garlic prawns. These are called “king prawns with broccoli”.

King prawns with broccoli

We also had some chicken and mushroom soup. It was very good, with big thin slices of chinese mushroom, chunks of chicken and pieces of chinese vegetable. It didn’t taste like chicken soup though – more like pig stomach soup, which is delicious, so I didn’t mind.

Chicken and mushroom soup

And we just had to have crispy fried chicken with plum sauce – and yep, I’ve posted photos of this before too.

Crispy fried chicken in plum sauce

Plate shot, round one, garnished with complimentary prawn crackers.

Plate shot

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