Christmas Eve 2006 Part 1

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. It’s taken me ages to sort through/process/upload all the photos. Just as well I’m still on holiday, eh? Tomorrow I plan to go shopping, but on Sunday I’ll be getting reacquainted with my thesis. Ugh. But let’s forget about that for the next half dozen or so posts (yes, really, that many, perhaps even more!). Let us begin…

This year my family’s Christmas celebration was hosted by my brother M and sister-in-law A at their newly renovated home on Christmas Eve. M and A have been working on their house with great dedication on just about every weekend and on many evenings for sometime now. They finally moved in recently – and thought it would be great to have the family over for Christmas. A’s mum, my parents’ friends from Malaysia and our house guest VR from England (who all attended satay night) were also part of the celebration. M and A put on all the food and drinks, assisted in the kitchen by my younger sister Juji – all the rest of us had to do was rock up with smiles and hungry bellies! I must say thank you to M and A and Juji for patiently and so good-naturedly putting up with my presence in the kitchen, and for understanding that I just didn’t want to miss any food photo opportunities!

Upon arrival, everyone was introduced to the laundry sink, reassigned for the evening as the self-serve bar.

The self-serve bar

We started off with some nibblies – rice crackers with two dips, roasted capsicum (very sweet, yet savoury, really nice) and french onion.

Rice crackers and two dips

We also enjoyed a selection of savoury nibblies served on a platter: sundried tomatoes, fresh cherry tomatoes, marinated olives and cubes of fetta cheese.

More nibblies!

With the nibblies going down nicely, my brother unveiled a container of king prawns he had marinated in oil and garlic. Garlic prawns for entree!

Uncooked prawns in oil and garlic

Here are the prawns in the pan…

Prawns in the pan

…the prawns almost ready for serving…

Prawns almost ready!

…and the prawns served up with fancy toothpicks. They were great – they really tasted of the sea, with big chunks of garlic. Mmmmm.

Garlic prawns  served up

Friends and family can see people photos too, at Flickr. Remember, you must be logged in and marked as one of my friends or family to see all photos – here’s the link to the set: Christmas Eve 2006.

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