Christmas Eve 2006 Part 2

Main course

While the meat was resting before carving, Juji got busy making gravy with the pan juices.

Making pan gravy  That's a jug full of gravy!

A had made her special stuffing, which was oven-baked in its own dish, not in the turkey.


We were all hanging out for the carving! My brother had bought an enormous ham from the butcher, which he scored and studded with cloves, and then glazed with a mixture of honey, fruit juice and brown sugar. It was his masterpiece, I think, along with those garlic prawns.

The ham

The carving was pretty hard work!

Carving the ham  Carving the ham
Carving the ham  Carving the ham

The glaze was really sweet, and the ham was very tasty. I do like a sweet glaze on a ham.


The turkey had lemons stuffed in it and smelled great when it was taken out of the oven.

>The turkey

Before the turkey was carved, I sped off to take photos of the salads. This was a spinach salad, with shaved parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes and a balsamic vinegar dressing.

Spinach salad

And this was potato salad, with seeded mustard and bacon bits.

Potato salad

After photographing the salads I went back to the kitchen just as M was starting to carve the turkey.

Turkey carving  Turkey carving
Turkey carving  Turkey carving

M and Juji reckoned the turkey may have ended up a little overdone, but we all really appreciated their efforts and enjoyed this once-a-year bird.

Turkey carving

My plate, round one.

My plate

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