The sting in the tail

Hello all.

I would like to draw your attention to this charming comment left in response to one of my recent posts about Jac having been ill. The person who wrote this little heartfelt gem calls himself DocChuck.

Just want to let you know that I am saying “Bye-Bye” to your Blog.

My wife and I (American) have been reading it and enjoying some of the pictures for a while, now.

But today, we read Bleeeeeargh . . . and that was EXACTLY our reaction . . . Bleeeeeargh!

We realize now that you are advertising and PROMOTING a disgusting, perverted lifestyle . . . and THAT is what PORNOGRAPHIC about your site.

May you burn in hell.

DocChuck, did spewing forth that little diatribe make you feel better? Perhaps part of its venom was spurred on by your feeling like a fool, seduced all this time by photographs of food that you genuinely enjoyed, before you made the shocking discovery that the photographer is a lesbian – and recoiled in horror. *snort*

Yes, yes. I’ll declare it now in case any one else wasn’t aware of the fact and would like to make a graceful exit from readership of this blog (or do as DocChuck has done, and insult me under the protection of cyberspace and a pseudonym – that’s very big of you, DocChuck).

Yes, I am a woman. And yes, my partner of almost ten years is also a woman. (I guess DocChuck was tipped off and made his disturbing discovery with the help of certain pronouns and the mention of “ex-girlfriends” in the last post.) I’ve never made a big deal of it. My sexuality is part of who I am, and I’m not ashamed of that. Over time, in reading and responding to my readers’ comments, reading their own blogs and exchanging the odd email, I know a number of my readers are very different to me and have very different beliefs – a number of my readers are very spiritual and/or religious people, for example, but I don’t force my personal beliefs down their throats nor judge and insult them nor wish bad things on them. What to me is the best part about having this site, what I think is so wonderful and precious and important is the communication and sharing between people from all over the world, from different backgrounds and circumstances – we enjoy sharing our common love of food and the sensory pleasures of looking at, smelling and tasting food. We help each other discover new foods and new ways of preparing and enjoying the foods we thought we knew. We discuss our love for our partners, and our pets. We communicate our ideas and experiences. We enjoy life together. Two women who happen to be lesbians and partners, eating freshly baked meat pies in country towns while on holiday – yeeeeeeeeah, that’s pretty damn perverted. Heh.

DocChuck, your parting words don’t hurt me in the least – I’m not worried about burning in hell because I don’t believe there is such a place.


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