Another dinner

Here’s a dinner from earlier this week: butter chicken, made using The Curry Master brand packet mix, freshly sliced cucumber, and rice. The butter chicken instructions said to add yoghurt, but Jac used cream instead (naughty! Well, actually all she could find were 1kg tubs of plain yoghurt when she went to the shop, so she thought “bugger it” – we’d never use so much plain yoghurt in cooking and we don’t really like eating plain yoghurt, or plain yoghurt with crap in it like fruit* – and so she went for cream instead). It was a really easy to make delicious dinner, and a most delicious lunch the next day. Definitely definitely will have this again!

Butter chicken, cucumber, and rice

My life is currently: week days: thesis, weekends: job applications. I’m feeling grumpy and tired and frustrated from it all. I know it will all work out in the end, I know the thesis will be finished and I know I will get a job, but it’s the laborious process of getting there that’s getting me down.

*I am not suggesting that fruit is crappy. I used the term “crap” there meaning “stuff” or “things”. I tend to use “crap” instead of “stuff” or “things” when I’m feeling grumpy, which I am right now.

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