Jac’s Birthday, 2007 – the savoury

It’s Jac’s birthday today! We started the celebrations with dinner at her mum’s last night. Jac requested her favourite meal of cold meat and salad (she requested cold meat and salad last year too!), and so that’s exactly what we had, after starting on an assortment of cheeses with rice crackers:

Cheese and crackers

Jac’s mum went to a lot of trouble and made up a delectable platter of meats and four different salads. It was fantastic! The meat platter was piled with two different types of chicken wing things trimmed and presented like mini drums (not sure what flavour they were meant to be, but they were barbecuey, smoky and garlicky and really delicious!), sliced turkey breast, proscuitto, salami and brawn. Salami and brawn are two of Jac’s absolute favourite cold meats, besides a good ham (but yeah, not surprisingly we are still somewhat hammed out from Christmas).

Cold meat platter

And the four salads were: bean salad…

…carrot salad, which was super tasty, with Wochestershire sauce in the dressing. The carrot had been cooked so it wasn’t crunchy but not so cooked that it was really soft either. Yes, I know that doesn’t tell you a whole lot.

Carrot salad/div>

…potato salad, made with french onion soup mix…

Potato salad made with french onion soup mix

…and a tabouli-style salad, topped with crunchy noodles. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this one. It was refreshing, yet pleasantly crunchy! Without intention, I’m becoming less anti-eating-parsley as I get older.

Tabouli-style salad with crunchy noodles

Everything was so good I had a couple of good-sized rounds. I ate so many of those chicken things! This was round one. I didn’t have any brawn though – I’ve never really liked brawn.

My plate

Sorry, no recipes for the salads. We may be getting the carrot salad recipe and the tabouli-style one, and if I do get them I’ll post them if Jac’s mum doesn’t mind, when time permits.

The sweet comes up next.

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