Jac’s Birthday, 2007 – the sweet

For birthday dessert Jac requested tiramisu. She didn’t want a birthday cake. I made the tiramisu using a recipe from my Home Food cook book. Note to self: save up and buy a decent mixer! I couldn’t believe how long it took to hand beat the egg yolks with the caster sugar until the sugar was dissolved and the mixture light and fluffy, and don’t get me started on hand whisking the egg whites to soft peaks. I didn’t mind because I was making it for Jac – all I’m saying is that a mixer would’ve been a more efficient way to do it! Here’s the tiramisu, topped with freshly grated dark chocolate, before I dug into it with the serving spoon:


Here’s my serve (yeah, I decided I would have some, after all the effort!):

Tiramisu in bowl

Jac’s mum really loved it. Despite VR’s initial reservations (she’d never had tiramisu before) she really enjoyed it (she and Jac’s mum both had seconds!). I thought it was pretty good. Jac, on the other hand, our diner of honour, didn’t end up liking it as much as she thought she would. D’OH! I asked her why, because I thought you guys might wonder why… she said 1) she thought the brandy flavour was too strong, and perhaps kahlua or tia maria liquer may have been more to her liking, and 2) she would have preferred the cream cheese layer to be thicker and less fluffy (that was totally a recipe thing, not a criticism of me). Oh well. She wasn’t upset or annoyed or anything, and neither was/am I. :) That’s just how it is sometimes when you try a new recipe. We left the leftovers with Jac’s mum, since she loved it so much! (Partial thanks for putting on such a brilliant dinner!)


I may have oversoaked the sponge fingers – they didn’t fall apart, but they were very well-soaked and I ended up having to make more coffee and brandy mix (!). Perhaps because of my oversoaking the brandy flavour was too strong, resulting in Jac not liking it that much. But Jac’s mum is a brandy fan, so it probably worked out better for her! She loved the boozy trifle I made at Christmas too! :-P

I didn’t have a glass/see-through dish to make the tiramisu in to show off the layers. I know it would’ve been better for presentation and the oooh-aaaah factor when first revealed.

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