Bee hoon alone

I didn’t eat anything very interesting or particularly food porny while Jac and VR were in Dunsborough over the weekend. The only meal of note (since I’ve already told you about the Thai green curry, which incidently stretched out to three meals – and then I decided it probably wasn’t a good thing to eat five meals in a row featuring coconut milk, and froze the rest) was this takeaway Singapore fried bee hoon which I had for lunch while out shopping on Saturday. The bee hoon was very tasty and came with loads of chicken, char siu (Chinese BBQ pork), prawns and green vegies.

Singapore fried bee hoon

I didn’t even stay up till midnight on New Year’s Day. I watched a few DVDs and then went to bed at around 11:15pm. I knew when it was midnight though, as I was woken up by cheering from neighbours having parties, and the sound of fireworks and those party blower things that make noise (what are those things called?). I just thought to myself “OK, it’s the new year” and turned over and went back to sleep with Pixel at my feet.

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