Curry alone

Yesterday, Jac asked me if I’d like her to cook me something before she and VR left for Dunsborough. I said I’d love her to cook me a Thai green curry, and so that’s what she did. She used both chicken thigh and breast meat, and the vegies I like in it – zucchini, peas and baby corn. The green curry paste was Asia at Home brand, I think.

Thai green curry in the pan

I had curry and rice for dinner last night and the same for dinner tonight. There’s more left, which I may freeze… or maybe I’ll have it again for lunch tomorrow. It’s that good I’m not sick of it yet! :)

Thai green curry

I think Jac was worried I’d get lazy and not eat much (or live on rice and Heinz Baked Beans!) while she’s away. I was like, it’s only three days! She even bought me a jar of pasta sauce and my favourite chicken ravioli, frozen heat-in-the-bag steamed vegetables and a box of Darshan curry puffs, samosas and savoury rolls, and the fridge is stocked up with vegetables and stuff to make salad with. I think she’s forgotten how well I looked after myself when she was away last November. I didn’t make a roast dinner and tinned foods were involved, but I thought I ate pretty well on my own. Hee hee.

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