Burgers and Bond

On Friday evening, Jac, VR and I went to the movies. We saw Casino Royale. I loved it – I will definitely buy it when it’s been released on DVD. Without giving too much away in case anyone reading hasn’t seen it yet, highlights (for me, anyway) worth mentioning are:
1) the animated opening credits – I thought were very clever and stylish with a retro sort of feel.
2) I’m now torn between Sean Connery and Daniel Craig as my favourite Bond. There’s something so interesting about Daniel Craig’s looks – I don’t think he’s handsome, yet he’s not ugly… he’s just interesting and strangely pleasurable to look at, whether dressed in a tux or in his bathers! LOL. Jac likes the solidness of him- that’s a good word to describe his physique, I think, solid (solid as opposed to the leanness of someone like… Jude Law, for example. I do like looking at Jude Law, he’s pretty and easy on the eye. But yeah, he’s not physically solid). From the time Daniel Craig was announced I’ve never had a problem visualising Daniel Craig as Bond as some people have. Yeah, I know he’s blond and blue-eyed, but he’s not like a pale pale blond – I knew he’d be really good. :)
3) I enjoyed the poker playing scenes. I love casino scenes in movies. Perhaps that’s why I love Ocean’s Eleven so much.

As with most movies there were questionable aspects of the plot which I won’t go into now, and one particularly flat part of the movie, but it was very entertaining overall with fantastic action scenes and definitely worth a look if you’ve been thinking about it.

Before the movie we had dinner at Hungry Jack’s. VR had a spicy chicken baguette. While it looked pretty good to me appearances are deceiving as VR said was too peppery. She’d expected a “spicy” chicken baguette of course (duh!), but not an excessive amount of pepper. Ah well.

Hungry Jack's Spicy Chicken Baguette

Jac had a Kids Meal, of a hamburger, fries and drink. I didn’t get a good photo of the unwrapped burger. It was just a meat pattie in a bun with ketchup, yellow mustard, pickle and onion. Jac had actually asked for a cheese burger but they gave her a hamburger and she couldn’t be bothered taking it back and swapping it.

Hungry Jack's Hamburger

I had a grilled chicken burger meal. The grilled chicken looked really burnt, but it tasted delicious and not at all like it was burnt. My only complaint about the burger was that it was too small :).

Hungry Jack's Grilled Chicken Meal

Hungry Jack's Fries

Hungry Jack's Grilled Chicken Burger

And still more coming up…

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