More grilled fish

I forgot these photos of another grilled barramundi dinner we’ve had recently, grilled fish and a truckload of salad. I don’t think I can ever get sick of grilled fresh fish with salad or vegies. I’ve been really getting into eating salad. The lovely round little cherry tomatoes were given to us by friends. They’d been in a bag (the tomatoes, not our friends!) with freshly picked basil, and had a delicious ripe tomato and fresh basil smell about them – yummy. I took another photo which I think gives a slightly better view of the fish, but I chose the photo below for this post because I wanted you to see how just much salad I ate! LOL. In my old age I have also (without intending to) developed a tolerance for fresh celery. I would never eat fresh celery as a child, or even in my twenties, not even smothered/disguised in french onion dip. I actually enjoyed the celery in this salad.

Grilled barramundi and salad

This was Jac’s barramundi, with a little fresh dill on top. In the top left corner you may be able to see a darkish round thing, which is a whole baby beetroot (tinned), and you may notice the sliced radish on Jac’s pile of salad. Beetroot and radish are two things I never eat, as I do not like them at all. Jac loves ’em both.

Grilled barramundi topped with fresh dill

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