Hello, chicken rice… and goodbye, chicken rice

It’s been a long time since I ate Hainan chicken rice at uni. That’s the annoying thing about the long summer holidays – all the food places at uni shut down. Hey, I’m not saying the staff shouldn’t have holidays! I just miss being able to eat char kway teow or chicken rice for the x number of weeks that they’re closed, that’s all. As I was saying yesterday, for some reason, when I put a piece of the chicken skin in my mouth it just grossed me out and I had to spit it out. I don’t know why I had that response. I mean, it’s not like I didn’t know it was fat before. Just yesterday the fatty texture of it just felt terrible and I couldn’t eat it. I’m sure if it was crispy fried chicken skin though, I would’ve eaten it with no problems. I must check that one of these days while I’m out and about, with some KFC or chicken karaage. I can’t imagine that I have somehow gone completely anti-all-chicken-skin just by eating salad and fish three or four times in the past week!

Hainan chicken rice

The broth that came with my chicken rice was especially tasty.

Chicken broth

With luck, I won’t have to go to uni too many times now. The plan is to work very hard on the final edits this Australia Day long weekend while Jac and VR are away, then email the final completed draft to my supervisor early/mid next week. With luck, the thing will be ready for binding (and then of course, submission to examiners) very soon after that. Despite being so close to the end, it’s really not very exciting. I am completely nonplussed and don’t feel any sense of achievement at all at this stage, but I am looking forward to having my weekends free to do stuff… like go fishing!

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