Tuesday night barbie

Yesterday evening after work Jac cleaned the barbie (it hadn’t been used for quite some time) and then cooked up a delicious dinner on it. We had grilled eggplant, red capsicum and tomatoes with beef sausages for VR and me, and vegetarian sausages for Jac (which tasted surprisingly like meat sausages – I did prefer the beef ones though!).

Eggplant, capsicum, sausages

Jac simply sliced and salted the eggplant a little while before grilling.

Grilled eggplant

The red capsicum was just sliced and seeded and went straight onto the barbie. The beef sausages were Heart Smart ones (apparently made with leaner mince) from Woolies. I really like these sausages – they have a great flavour.

Red capsicum and beef sausages

Unfortunately (for my photographic intentions anyway), Jac cooked the vegetarian sausages on the grill side rather than the hotplate side of the barbie, and they ended up looking like they had welts. Heheh. What did they taste like, some of you may ask? Well, not as meaty as the beef sausages… but you wouldn’t necessarily know they weren’t made of meat. You’d be likely to think of it as some sort of mystery meat, rather than know right away that they weren’t made from any meat at all. (I blame tiredness for my terrible ineloquence at this point.) I would’ve been happy to eat vegetarian sausages, but Jac insisted on cooking up the beef ones that we had in the freezer for VR and me – and why would I argue? :-P

Vegetarian sausages

Jac also parboiled some potatoes in water with a little garlic salt, then sliced them and barbecued them with a little sprinkling of barbecue seasoning and pepper. The potatoes turned out crispy on the edges and were kind of like chips – they were really good. With all the vegies, Jac did use a little olive oil on the barbie, in case you’re wondering. :)


This is our wee barbie. Because Jac couldn’t fit everything on the wee barbecue at the same time, the first round of goodies (beef sausages, capsicum, eggplant and tomatoes) was kept warm in the oven in the kitchen.

Wee barbie

See, the tray of barbecued sausages and vegies about to be shoved into the oven:

A tray of goodies

To go with the barbecued goodies, we also had steamed green beans, which I love. I didn’t even need any butter or seasoning on them.

Steamed green beans

My plate, loaded up. Yes, I only had one sausage. That’s a little dollop of smokey barbecue sauce you see there in the corner. I must say although delicious, the sausages were only supporting actors in last night’s dinner. The vegies were well and truly the stars.

My plate

And I had the leftovers for my lunch today. I also had fresh sliced cucumber with this (not pictured).

My plate of leftovers

It’s been so hot today! I haven’t been bothered to open the box sitting in the hallway which holds my new printer, bought on special (the last one in the store!) from Tandy for $89 down from $229 (with the ridiculous RRP, according to the Brother website, of $299!). Maybe tomorrow… I do need to do some printing. But I must remember to move that box out of the way before I go to bed. I can just see myself tripping over it in the middle of the night when I get up to go to the loo.

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