Lunch with Jac, 22/02/2007

On Thursday Jac and I went out for a food hall lunch. We had Japanese – Jac started with some mixed sushi. I didn’t have any because it was mostly seafood-filled sushi, not really my preference. I like seafood, but in sushi I always prefer chicken, egg or even vegetable.

Mixed sushi

I had a small serve of teriyaki chicken and rice.

Teriyaki chicken - small

Both our meals came with miso soup, but as I don’t care for it we told them only one bowl would be necessary.

Miso soup

Jac had teriyaki tofu, which was really good. The tofu was coated with with a very light, thin batter and came with a bowl of hot teriyaki sauce for dipping.

Teriyaki tofu

I’d planned to order a banana fritter for dessert (yes, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with banana fritters since the recent family dinner) but alas, I was much too full. I used to order the large serve of teriyaki chicken and could always finish that with no problems. Maybe my stomach has shrunk.

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