Steak sanger

On Friday my plan was: go to uni in the morning, pick up the four copies of my printed and bound thesis and submit them at the graduate office. After that, I wasn’t sure. Go into the city and have something nice for lunch, I suppose.

The thesis wasn’t ready for pickup as early as I’d expected, so I had to wait around on campus a little longer than I’d anticipated. I used the waiting time to sort through my things and get them packed up and ready to bring home. I guess Jac and I will take a drive to uni to pick up all my stuff one of these weekends.

I rang Jac and told her I was still waiting to pick up the thesis and I’d be home a little later than expected.
She asked, “How does a steak sandwich for lunch sound?”
“Ooooh, yes please!” I replied. “Could I please have mine with an egg?” (I love my steak sandwich with a fried egg.)
“Of course,” she said. “Well done, babe. I’ll see you when you get home.”

SoRMuiJAi and Chubbypanda, you were spot on – the thesis was bloody heavy! Luckily I didn’t have to carry it too far. I handed the copies over (well, heaved the box they were in onto a table) and was given a receipt. And that was that.

As soon as I got home and opened the front door the delicious smell of fried onions hit me. YUM! I quickly got changed and ready for lunch. As you can see, my steak sandwich had fried onions, a fried egg, tomatoes, lettuce and barbecue sauce in it. The tomatoes were our homegrown ones, the lettuce was baby cos I got from Woolies. The bread was multi-grain and toasted.

Steak sandwich , lid open

Although I’d eaten an excellent steak sandwich fairly recently, I enjoyed this one even more because 1) Jac had made it, 2) we were eating lunch together at home, instead of me eating lunch in a hospital cafe while she was upstairs in a hospital room, and 3) I loved knowing how chuffed Jac was to be home, recovering well and eating red meat after all the fish and chicken we’ve had in recent weeks (of course, we have enjoyed those fish and chicken meals).

My steak sandwich

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