Visiting Jac at hospital, 15/02/2007 Part 2

VR left after a couple of hours – she had a few errands to do in town. Jac’s mum, Pattycakes, arrived just after noon. We hung out with Jac until patient rest time at 1pm, and decided we’d grab some lunch together in the cafe downstairs. My mental note about a steak sandwich and chips flashed in my head.

Pattycakes thought a steak sandwich sounded pretty good, and so we each ordered one. The sandwiches were made with toasted panini bread, with steak, lettuce, tomato, cheese, barbecue sauce and bacon. I didn’t realise there was bacon in the sandwiches until they arrived – BONUS! The chips were freshly cooked, extra crispy ones, the sort made extra crispy (really crunchy, actually!) with a very light coating of savoury batter. Mmmmm.

Steak sandwich and chips

Look at the folded bacon fat and melted cheese!

Steak sandwich alternate view

The steak sandwich was really good. It was a little messy to eat, dribbling sauce from the back every time I took a bite like an HJ’s Whopper does. The steak was very tender and not at all chewy. With the bacon, lettuce and tomato, it was very much like a BLT, but with steak in it. Thanks to all the bite leakage, my hands smelled like barbecue sauce and steak all afternoon, even after I washed my hands (I’m not suggesting at all that that’s a bad thing!).

Steak sandwich innards 1

Steak sandwich innards 2/div>

Pattycakes had a cappucino afterwards. When we were all finished (and very full) we returned to Jac’s room and hung out until they came to wheel her away for her second procedure. Poor Jac, we could tell she was feeling tense because she got quieter and quieter as time went on. But I think she also knew the sooner she had the second procedure, the sooner she could be home. And she was really eager to be home again.

Pattycakes' cappucino

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