This post features a few miscellaneous photos. First, a tin of Plumrose sausages – it was supposed to contain 8 sausages but had only 7. I was planning to write Plumrose a letter, but I forgot to keep the can aside and it ended up in the garbage. Oh well. The 7 sausages were as yummy as they usually are. As you can see, I ate three with a bowl of baked beans. The other four I saved for another meal.

What?! Only 7 sausages! It should've been 8!

I got Jac some mixed sushi on the day after she came home…

Jac's assorted sushi

…and some chicken biryani for myself.

Chicken biryani

On Sunday Jac made herself two kinds of grilled cheese on toast – one featured sliced ham, mayonaise and cheese, and the other featured cheese and mustard. She really enjoyed it – having gone without cheese while on her low-fat diet. I had a few bites too – very tasty.

Jac's grilled cheese

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