Feast after Feast Perth

We decided to have sushi for lunch after Feast Perth. We went to Jaws Kaiten Sushi in Cinema City Arcade.

When Jaws opened in Perth, I remember what a thrill it was to eat at the first and only conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Perth, in the Murray Street Mall. The original Murray St Mall store is still there, but now if we’re ever in the mood for Jaws, we always choose Cinema City because it has a wider range of sushi on offer. There are seven different plates to choose from: wood $2, yellow $2.80, red $3.80, brown $4.20, white $4.40, black $5.50 and “special” $8 (“special” includes items like uni, otherwise known as sea urchin). When we got there there was a 10-minute wait, but it was so worth it!

Here’s what we had. First, Unagi nigiri/BBQ eel (brown plate). I love the flavour of the eel, but I must admit I find the skin a little slimy. Doesn’t stop me eating it though!

Unagi nigiri (BBQ eel)

Karaage ghunkan/deep-fried chicken, onion and mustard (brown plate). Mmmmmmm. Anything with deep-fried chicken in it is a winner with me!

Karaage ghunkan (Deep-fried chicken, onion and mustard)

Tamago nigiri/Japanese omelette (red plate). Juji and I love this – we absolutely must have this every time we eat at Jaws.

Tamago nigiri (Japanese omelette)

Chicken karaage/deep-fried chicken (brown plate), always served on chilli mayonaise – my absolute favourite.

Chicken karaage (deep-fried chicken)

Juicy deep-fried chicken. That’s my pen and the notebook in which I wrote the names of everything we ate.

Chicken karaage

Chicken and mushroom nigiri, described on the menu as “tofu pockets stuffed with shitake mushrooms, chicken and rice” (white plate). I love these too. Obviously I have a thing for chicken.

Chicken and mushroom nigiri

Tuna ghunkan/tuna with mayonaise (red plate). I’m not really into tuna – Jac and Juji gobbled these up.

Tuna ghunkan (tuna with mayonaise)

Tayo yaki/fried octopus balls, served on blobs of mayonaise and BBQ sauce (brown plate). I can’t stand the smell and texture of octopus – doesn’t matter whether it’s in European or Asian cuisine. Jac liked these, so lucky her! :)

Tayo yaki (fried octopus balls)

Potato ghunkan/mashed potato salad sushi (red plate). I didn’t think I’d like this, but that mashed potato salad had a wonderful white peppery sort of flavour to it. I love how there’s little pieces of hard-boiled egg, corn and spring onion in the mash. Definitely will have this again next time. That’ll do for vegies! Hahaha.

Potato ghunkan (mashed potato salad sushi)

Salmon sushi (brown plate). Juji and Jac ate these. It’s not the rawness that turns me off, it’s the taste and texture.

Salmon sushi

Crab balls (black plate – oooooh!). These were really good – crumbed fried balls of crab meat, served on a delicious seeded mustard mayonaise, which had finely sliced pieces of cucumber and onion in it. It was like a cross between tartare and ranch dressing, nicely complementing- not at all overwhelming.

Crab balls

I was pleasantly surprised to find that these balls contained minimal filler – they were pretty much just loaded with crab meat, lovely white ribbons of crab meat. The little claws sticking out of the balls are sort of gross, but very effective handles – and believe me, handles were absolutely necessary, as these balls were served fresh and piping hot.

Crab ball innards

Tempura ghunkan/tempura prawns with chilli mayonaise on rice (white plate). Yummy, though the batter is soggy rather than crisp.

Tempura ghunkan

Inari sushi (red plate) – the menu describes these as “tofu pockets filled with rice”, but I prefer to think of them as tofu pillows. Lovely tofu pillows filled with sushi rice. Yum. Juji and Jac were really full by this time, but I waited until these came up on the conveyor belt. I ate both pillows by myself.

Inari sushi

Inari sushi innards

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