Goz for lunch

On Thursday at work we had gozleme for lunch. Every week on “goz day”, a couple of the girls very kindly take everyone’s orders and money and get goz for everyone – around half an hour before they leave, they come around asking the question: “Are you gozzing today?” I’ve written about gozleme before – the first time Jac and I ever ate gozleme was at the Midland Military markets in 2005. For those who don’t know, it’s a kind of Turkish flat bread with yummy stuff inside, cooked on the hot plate. I chose to have mine filled with chicken, onion, capsicum, spinach and mushrooms. It was served with a wedge of lemon (which I didn’t use – I never squeeze fresh lemon juice on anything, not even fish or with pancakes and sugar) and garlicky sauce for dipping. I brought my goz back to my desk, quietly took out my camera, switched the flash off and sneakily snapped a couple of photos before anyone noticed what I was doing. It’s going to be tricky keeping my food photography a secret from everyone at work.


Anyway, the goz was delicious – I ate it with my fingers, just picking up the pieces, dipping and biting. I ate it all and felt pleasantly full. Most surprisingly, I didn’t feel sleepy at all after lunch. I think I was just too busy and focused on what I had to do to get sleepy. Next time, which will be next Thursday, I think I will try lamb, spinach, mushrooms and sundried tomatoes.

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