Postponed takeaway

The takeaway came from a place called Angkor Cafe, which is at 144 Murray Street in Perth. According to its menu Angkor Cafe provides “A taste of South East Asia”, and accordingly its menu features Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese-style dishes.

I bought three dishes. First, “Angkor Fried Rice” ($6.90) – fried rice with BBQ chicken, prawns, pineapple and vegies. This was really tasty – I especially loved the pineapple, Jac loved the prawns. It was interesting (well, visually, anyway!) to have yellow and pink fried rice for a change!

Angkor fried rice

Next, “Beef Black Bean” ($8.90) – stir fried beef cooked with vegies in black bean sauce. I chose this mainly for Jac, as she loves black bean dishes. The beef was flavoursome and tender, and the black bean sauce really delicious. And it was a good balance of meat and vegies too – I hate it when we have mongolian lamb from our usual Chinese home delivery place and there is obviously more onion than meat. A big thumbs up from both of us for this dish.

Black bean beef

And last, a choice mainly for me, “Ginger Chicken” ($8.90) – braised chicken breast with ginger and vegetables. Well yes, I’m not a fan of chicken breast (I’ve already written about this tonight) but I love ginger chicken, and pretty much all the chicken dishes on Angkor’s menu feature chicken breast. Oh well. I did think the chicken was a little dry as white meat can be, but the ginger flavour was great, and the vegies were yummy. Not bad. My lunch of yellow and pink fried rice, black bean beef and ginger chicken was very nice indeed. Jac enjoyed hers too.

Ginger chicken

So, what have you got planned for your weekend? I need catch up on various housey chores and recover from what has been another intense week. My brain is fried, my body weary, and our house a mess. My fingers itch to pick up a guitar. Maybe there’ll be a little time to do that.

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