Thursday’s food

On Thursday morning I made myself French toast for breakfast. I must say I love the smell of butter in the frying pan early in the morning! Though of course, the smell of frying bacon beats that by miles!

French toast

At work, it was Goz Day. As I’d planned, my goz this week was filled with lamb, spinach, mushrooms and sundried tomatoes. Here’s the innards shot:

Lamb, spinach, mushroom, sundried tomato goz innards shot

This time instead of the hommus dipping sauce, I had salad with my gozleme. Unfortunately there was parsley all through the salad – initially I painstakingly picked out the parsley sprigs before taking each mouthful, but that soon grew tiresome. In the end I just ate the salad, parsley and all. I still don’t like parsley though. :) I reckon this goz was even tastier than last week’s – the lamb was just so much more flavourful than the chicken, and sundried tomatoes are always magic. The goz and salad cost me $9.50 – not bad at all for a pretty good-sized meal.

Lamb, spinach, mushroom, sundried tomato gozleme with salad

The goz photos were sneakily taken at my desk – although two of my work colleagues were sitting right there in the same quad as me, neither of them appeared to notice what I was doing, or even hear the little whirry camera noises. Secret squirrel is still um, secret squirrel.

As Jac was going to be at hockey on Thursday evening and I knew I’d be too lazy and tired to cook much for dinner, I stopped off and grabbed some takeaway – enough for my dinner, Jac’s dinner (if she felt like it when she got home) plus enough to take some to work for lunch the next day. But as I sat on the train with three delicious-smelling takeaway containers in a plastic bag – probably making everyone else in the carriage near me just as hungry as I already was – Jac rang my mobile – she wasn’t going to hockey, would I like to go grocery shopping and have tea at the shops?

And so the takeaway was left at home while we went out to the shops – and I had chicken rice for dinner. I must say the chicken rice I ate at uni during the previous four years or so was way waaaaaay yummier than this – it was ok, but nothing special. The best part was the broth – it was salty and savoury and chickeny and delicious – Jac had quite a few spoonfuls. The chilli sauce was strange – the minute I laid eyes on it I knew it was Thai-style sweet chilli sauce, rather than the proper gingery and garlikcy chilli sauce that should be served with chicken rice. It was nice enough chilli sauce, but just the wrong chilli sauce! The chicken was mainly breast meat – most of you will know I’m a dark meat kind of gal. Still, I ate it all. I am, as you’d know also, a greedy sort of gal. :-D

Chicken rice

Jac had a chicken caesar salad from Sumo Salad – sorry, no photo. Just look at this and imagine something very similar, rendered just a weeny bit more satisfying with the 10% discount using my Sumo Salad Health Club card. :)

What happened to the takeaway I’d originally bought for Thursday night’s dinner? We each took some to work today, of course!

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