Temptation Street

On Wednesday, I went to Hungry Jack’s for lunch. It’s terrible really – near my work there’s a KFC and an HJs right next to each other. And next to them is a Baskin Robbins – though that’s not so bad as I’m not at all tempted by ice cream parlours*. But fried chicken and fries and burgers (not to mention freshly cooked onion rings mmmmmmm) – oh dear. The delicious savoury aromas (and especially their distinctly deep-fried flavour) drive me crazy if I’m in the vicinity. I must admit though, even when I’m not within smelling distance, just knowing that junk food is just a short walk away keeps the temptation levels well and truly up. What can I say – it’s an ongoing battle. Well, I’m doing ok – brain tells tummy to stop being silly most of the time. I started my new job on the 12th and I’ve only had junk food once since then – and I have no plans to have HJs or KFC for a while yet. Past the HJs, KFC and Baskin Robbins there’s a really good little Japanese takeaway place that I plan to try next week (hopefully, some yummy photos from that).

Unwrapped burger and fries

And here are more burger shots, just because I feel like it. I had a seat right in the corner where I could pose my burger to my heart’s content.

HJs Whopper

HJs Whopper

HJs Whopper

HJs Whopper innards

*However, if the ice cream parlour sold fried chicken-flavoured ice cream, that would be a different story… heh.

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