A couple of homecooked meals

On Monday I made one of my old favourites – corned beef, egg, corn and rice. So easy and delicious and comforting. Part of the pleasure of the ritual involves the careful opening of the tin of corned beef – you know, the kind of tin that must be opened with the special metal key. I’ve posted the recipe for this dish before – see this old post.

Corned beef, egg, corn and rice

On Tuesday night Jac made a curry with shark fillet (a thick and meaty piece of fish which she cut into chunky cubes) and lots of vegies. She used this curry powder for fish we got from my late grandma, which was pretty tasty. After grandma passed away, we ended up with her rather large jars of curry powders for fish and for meat – it seemed like such a waste to throw them away. They are probably quite old, as grandma really hoarded stuff like she was preparing for a siege – but this curry powder still possesses a reasonable degree of heat and flavour – and a lovely bright colour. I loved all the vegies in the curry – carrots, potatoes, green beans, cabbage (cut into big square pieces, which I loooove in curry) and peas. Jac added some yoghurt to the curry, which I thought was strange – Malaysian-style curry with yoghurt – but she likes to experiment, and I’m just grateful she likes cooking, as I’m usually too lazy :) The end product was delicious. The shark was meaty yet tender and didn’t fall apart – just perfect.

Shark and vegie curry

You know, I think about my grandma all the time. Not in a sad way – just in a thinking, remembering way. When I walk past Loi’s Asian Supermarket on Barrack Street in the city for example, I see the free Chinese newspapers in the box out the front of the shop and remember that I don’t need to pick up a copy for grandma any more. Just little things like that. The little thought occurs to me, and I just keep walking… to catch my train or do whatever I was going to do.

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