Regent Cakes bakery goodies

We had been too full to have dessert at the Hog’s Breath, but after a little post-lunch walk around Northbridge, we were ready to have something sweet. We shared a couple of baked goodies from Regent Cakes, Juji’s shout. We had a whole egg cake, which was sweet and oh soooo beautifully soft, light and fluffy.

Whole egg cake  Whole egg cake innards

And a pandan kaya bun. The bun itself looked kind of scary, but the kaya inside was lovely. I just wish the bun had more kaya than air in it!

Pandan kaya bun  Pandan kaya bun innards

Mmmmm, sweet squelchy kaya.

Squelchy sweet kaya

For those wondering “What’s kaya?”

Regent Cakes is located at Shop 10, 45 Francis Street in Northbridge. As well as cakes, they make all sorts of delicious buns that only Asian bakeries can – like SPAM and Kraft cheddar buns and Plumrose cocktail sausage buns. (They were all out of those, otherwise I would’ve just had to jump back into savoury mode!) They even had durian custard buns! Next time I’m there, durian custard and SPAM and Kraft cheddar for me. Mmmmmmmmm.

We had a lovely Saturday! Yummy food, good company and lots of walking – I did 17,804 steps.

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