Another Saturday night dinner

Saturday night’s dinner: wholemeal dinner rolls, halved, toasted and buttered…

Toasted buttered bread rolls

corn on the cob…


a quick salad…


…and barramundi fillets, seasoned with salt and pepper and grilled. The fish was frozen rather than fresh this time; we didn’t have time after our day in Northbridge to get to a supermarket or fishmongers where we could buy fresh fish. I definitely prefer fresh – this barramundi was nice, but had a much stronger fishy smell than the fresh barramundi we’ve had recently. It wasn’t bad or off or unpleasant, but the extra fishiness was noticeable. The bread rolls were old – right for toast, not so good for eating fresh – they were yummy toasted and buttered. The corn was sweet and juicy.

Fish, salad, corn, bread

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