Breakfast before work

On Thursday morning I left for work earlier so that I could sneak in breakfast at Hungry Jack’s on the way. I had a Breakfast Baguette Meal, which consists of a Breakfast Baguette, hash brown and coffee/tea (I had a bottle of Berri Multi-V juice instead). When I picked up that wrapped Breakfast Baguette, I thought it was just such solid yet soft little warm and delicious-smelling package. It created the same sort of hungry anticipation and happiness that a paper-wrapped package of fresh hot fish and chips does.

Breakfast Baguette and hash brown

The Breakfast Baguette is filled with bacon, egg, cheese and barbecue sauce. I didn’t feel like having cheese, so I ordered mine without.

Breakfast Baguette

I loooooooved the baguette – it was warm chewy bread (not to mention warm chewy bread filled with bacon!), how could I not love it? :-D In the baguette were four pieces of lean bacon (actually 2 pieces, each cut in half) and one fried egg which had been sliced into two, and a pretty good amount of barbecue sauce. It probably would’ve been moister in general with cheese, and no doubt yielded more satisfyingly gooey mouthfuls. Still, it was tasty, and I enjoyed it very much. I found myself thinking about Breakfast Baguette - inside

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