Eating healthy, dreaming junky

This was lunch today: a bread roll filled with chicken, lettuce, cucumber and sundried tomato and seasoned with salt and pepper, for $7.00 from Caffe Vero on Rokeby Road. This really hit the spot. I’d been hungry since before 11am but by the time I actually went for lunch it was around ten past 1pm and I thought I was well and truly over it. But walking up Rokeby Road with all the yummy smells of lunching around me, my tummy got growly again. I hadn’t realised just how hungry I really was until I unwrapped the bread roll and sank my teeth into the deliciously chewy bread. I don’t know why salt and pepper tastes so good on lettuce and cucumber, but it really does! I had considered asking for the bread to be lightly buttered but decided that the oil from the sundried tomatoes would be an adequate replacement for butter and keep the whole thing from being too dry. Mmmmm. I didn’t miss the butter at all. I’ve said this many times before – sundried tomatoes are just magic! I didn’t arrange the fillings to spill out from the roll like that for the photo – as I unwrapped the roll it all sort of burst out messily (and most appetisingly!). The question remains: how long can I resist siren song of the deep fried temptress KFC?

Bread roll with chicken, cucumber, lettuce and sundried tomatoes

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