Reflections of a lazy sandwich maker

Yesterday’s lunch, from MYO: a multigrain bread roll spread with a little butter and filled with roast chicken, hard boiled egg, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, corn kernels and sundried tomatoes. What I like about MYO is that I can choose exactly which fillings I want, and how much of everything I want to stuff in there (and believe me, I always do stuff the sandwiches/rolls I make with lots of everything!). But if I really do think about it, what I also don’t like about MYO is that I have to make my own sandwich/roll – by the time I go to get lunch I’m usually really hungry and I’d much rather have someone else make it for me than go through the process of making it myself! I think I’d prefer a Choose Your Own rather than Make Your Own sandwich bar.

Multigrain roll with chicken, egg and salad

MYO’s roast chicken is really tasty, I must say. I really enjoyed this. My workmate L reckons a sandwich tastes nicer when someone else makes it for you – and suggested that next time we could make each other’s sandwiches at MYO. That might be worth trying! :-D

Multigrain roll with chicken, egg and salad

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