My brain and me

We had a public holiday on Wednesday of this week and so Jac made breakfast. She always says she wishes I didn’t leave home to go to work so absurdly early every morning (when I leave the house she’s usually still in bed) so she could cook me breakfast (everyone: “awwwwww!“). So anyway, on public holidays she gets her chance.

The plan for Wednesday was for us to sleep in and then get up all rested and relaxed, and have breakfast together. But unfortunately my annoying brain likes to ignore all plans to sleep in on days I don’t have to work – this includes most weekends too. It ignores the fact that I may be physically and mentally drained and actually do need to have a sleep in. Believe me, I never actively or deliberately set out to think about work – it’s just that random work-related things keep popping up in my dreams and my sleepy thoughts as I lay there – things I need to do, things I could’ve done differently, conversations I’ve had or need to have. It makes it impossible for me to relax properly, and eventually I get sick of fighting those thoughts and get out of bed – of course, much too early. On Wednesday while Jac and the cats were happily sleeping I lay there fighting with my brain and finally admitted defeat, getting up at 6:15.

Jac emerged from bed at around 8:30 – she would’ve probably slept in much later if she didn’t have to go into work for a few hours. She made us breakfast of pancakes and bacon with maple syrup before she went to work. This has to be one of my favourite breakfasts of all time.

Bacon, pancakes and maple syrup

I did conk out from exhaustion at around 2pm and managed to sleep for a couple of hours. I probably would’ve slept all through the night, but we were going to dinner at my parents’. It was a good thing I had that nap – I would’ve probably fallen asleep in my bowl of soup.

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