Lunch with C

Yesterday, C and I had lunch at Taurus Hawker Foods. We’ve been talking about meeting up for a meal for aaaaaaaages, since before I finished my PhD. It took till Easter long weekend for us to get our act together! Our failure to get together all this time is not because we’re slack – actually, I think it’s because we’re terrible workaholics!

When we got there sometime after 12 noon, the place was packed. All the tables were taken, and there was a long line of people waiting to order. We chucked a couple of laps, walking somewhat pathetically in search of a table – we must’ve managed just the right degree of pathetic-ness, as this old poh-poh (old Chinese woman or granny) waved at me, and with a kind smile said we could have her table as she and her friends were leaving. YAY!

We were both absolutely starving and ordered large sizes. I think I usually order small – I’d definitely remember if I’d ordered large before, because OMG, large is large LARGE HUUUUUGE! I suppose you can’t really tell in this photo just how big my large dish of char kway teow was – you’ll just have to believe me – HUUUUGE! (or as Donald Trump would say, “YOOOGE!”) :-P

Char kway teow

C ordered a cendol


…and a large chicken rice. You know what’s really cool about ordering chicken rice at Taurus? They ask if you prefer breast or drumstick! (C and I are both drumstick gals.)

Chicken rice

This is the bowl of broth that came with the chicken rice (of course!):

Chicken rice broth

Because it was just so crowded, a couple of people asked if they could share our table, which we didn’t have a problem with. They were a little surprised/bemused/mystified to see me taking photos of our food before we dug in. We then proceeded to entertain them (not deliberately!) with our topics of conversation, which included marriage, Asian parents telling dirty jokes and singing dirty songs, gay friends, our jobs, our partners and motorbikes. We know they were listening in, because they kept going quiet, even before their food arrived (you know how it’s easier to eavesdrop when you’re quiet? :)). C and I, however, kept talking even while tucking into our rather large meals. We both enjoyed our meals. I left maybe three mouthfuls’ worth of noodles on my plate, and C had a rather large mound of rice left. I urged her to get a takeaway container for her leftover rice – I know I would’ve if I’d had that much of that yummy rice leftover (she did, I’m sure she enjoyed eating it later!). It was really great to catch up. I hope next time will be soon!

In the evening I went to an Easter Sunday barbecue with Jac’s family – a most delicious barbie. I didn’t think I’d be that hungry after my big lunch, but there’s something about the smell of barbie that can’t help but hungrify. I will post those photos next – as soon as I get a chance. Right now I have to exercise and then get ready to go out for dinner. Oh, and I also plan to reply to comments and emails (including yours, Sagar) soon too – I keep running out of time!

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