McDonald’s thick cut toast

We recently ate breakfast at McDonalds. I had my usual Sausage and Egg Mc Muffin, but I also had the strange and unexpected urge to try the “thick cut toast”. I just really wanted to tell you about this toast. Yes! Toast! Something anyone can make at home! Toast is something Jac would never order when dining out (along with spaghetti bolognaise) – she’d eat toast if it came with her eggs benedict or big fry up, but she’d never actually order “toast”! Anyway I chose the banana and date version (there’s also apple and cinnamon). The toast is, like its name, thick cut – it is REALLY THICK! It’s an impressively big chunk of bread, like the big no-neck rugby playing bread brother of average bread. I spread it with whipped butter and honey before sinking my teeth in for a satisfyingly thick bready bite. It was sooooo (surprisingly!) good. The toast was just how I like it – chewy, not brittle (I’m sure I’ve raved on about my toast preferences before – incidentally, I also like cookies chewy, rather than crispy), and there were big bits of date throughout. I never thought I’d be impressed by toast at McDonald’s, but hey, I admit it here to all of you, I was/am!

McDonald's thick cut toast

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