Secret squirrel revealed

Well, my plan to keep my food photography a secret at work didn’t last very long! On Wednesday, one of my workmates very generously did a noodle run for lunch. She passed a menu around, wrote down our choices, collected our money and rang the order through before going to pick it all up. I chose Singapore noodles – with stir-fried thin rice noodles (bee hoon), chicken, tofu, squid, vegetables and chilli ($9.80). It was delicious! With everyone sitting together and tucking into their noodles, was just too difficult to photograph my food without anyone noticing this time (the only alternative was to sneak away and seem anti-social, which I didn’t want to do), and so I decided then and there to come clean rather than waste the photo opportunity. I think the general response was along the lines of “Oh, that’s an unusual but interesting and cool hobby!” rather than “Oh, you’re such a weirdo!”, so overall it went very well, I think. :)

Singapore noodles

And today as we sat down to have our gozleme (I had the same as last week – lamb, spinach, sundried tomatoes and mushrooms) I took my photos before eating much less self-consciously and no one who witnessed this batted an eyelid. Pretty cool, hey?


I hope to reformat my pc this weekend – after running numerous tests on my RAM and hard drives (what a pain that is!), I haven’t been able to pinpoint the reason why my pc has been giving me the dreaded BSOD lately. It’s probably a good time to clean it all up by starting afresh anyway.

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