Teriyaki tuna

This was dinner on the 1st of April, which seems so very long ago! Jac marinated fresh tuna steaks in teriyaki sauce and ginger, and then panfried them.

Teriyaki tuna with oyster sauce vegie and tofu stir-fry and rice

We’re not into the pink in the middle, seared on the outside/rare in the middle tuna that is so trendy these days – we prefer our fish cooked all the way through. But don’t get me wrong – cooked does not mean dry or tough – the tuna was flaky and meaty and moist and tasted amazing.

Teriyaki tuna

Jac served the tuna with rice and a vegie and tofu (organic firm tofu) stirfry. The highlight of the vegie stirfry was the mushrooms – some time ago Jac bought a pack of assorted mushrooms in brine from the Asian supermarket, imported from China, I believe. They were fantastic, both flavour and texture-wise. Some of them had little caps and long stalks, and looked just like the mushrooms we sometimes find growing in the lawn after it’s rained overnight. The mung bean sprouts you can see are fresh – Jac forgot to include them in the stirfry, and so she just bunged them on top before serving.


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