My Saturday

With Jac away this weekend I decided to go for a walk to the shops.*

I’ve been craving Filet O Fish and McNuggets for a couple of weeks now, and so today I had both for brunch.

Lotsa boxes

I still miss the dark meat McNuggets. The batter is as delicious as ever, but I wish they hadn’t switched to 100% breast meat McNuggets. I also miss the Big Breakfast. I wish they’d bring that back.

Chicken McNuggets

They look a little floppy, but these fries were actually pretty good.


Filet O Fish

I also bought a takeaway hokkien mee with chicken, which I had for dinner tonight.

Hokkien mee with chicken

*Obviously when the cat’s away, the mouse will eat junk food and go shopping. I bought a new bag for work (the old one I’ve been using is falling apart) and I spent a voucher I got from Pattycakes for my birthday at Myer – I got a waffle iron! I won’t have time to use it tomorrow or during the week, but next weekend there should be enough time for us to have waffles for breakfast. When Jac rang from Kalgoorlie tonight I told her about the waffle iron. She’s looking forward to experimenting with various sweet and savoury waffle variations, and I look forward to being her greedy guinea pig.

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