Another amazing office morning tea

On Friday, we had morning tea to farewell one of our workmates. She brought in a selection of exquisite and decadent little cakes for everyone, from the Sugar and Spice Patisserie in Joondalup. Sorry, I don’t know what everything is – the tall fruit-topped ones are cheese cakes, the little yellow one with white peaks on top is a lemon teacake, and yes, that’s a chocolate cappucino cup filled with coffee cream. If any of my workmates read this, feel free to tell us about the cake(s) you ate! :) And to the workmate who has now left us, thank you so much for bringing these lovely cakes in for morning tea! And you will be missed. And I know I’ve said this before, but I do mean it – make sure you keep in touch!

Capuccino cup

This is the one I chose. It was topped with three crescent-shaped biscuits dusted with icing sugar on top of two different flavoured creams. The dark brown cream was rich velvetty chocolate. The light brown cream was a gorgeous hazelnut/coffee-flavoured dream. Beneath the two shades of brown inside the tart shell was baked custard. The two creams were extremely rich. A minor chocolate and sugar headache followed, but I cured it with a good dose of savoury food not long after(see Friday’s lunch).

Edit: I’ve been catching up with comment replies this evening. Sorry it’s taken so long. I have emails to get to next!

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